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Dermal Filler Options As Unique as You

As with any dermatological treatment, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to filler. These days, fillers aren’t all about augmentation….

3 Myths About Filler, Debunked

Let’s face it: fillers tend to get a bad rap. When most people think about fillers they picture overly swollen…

Trend Predictions for 2019

We’ve written before about some of the new-to-market products and treatments generating buzz that just aren’t worth the hype yet…

Vancouver Sun: In a world full of fillers, here’s how to look like yourself

Dr. Shannon Humphrey spoke with Vancouver Sun reporter Aleesha Harris about the increase in popularity and acceptance of cosmetic treatments….

4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Lip Injections

When you think about lip injections you may picture the big, overdone lips of decades past. But luckily products, technology…

Hollow Cheeks & Sagging Skin

Common Dermatological Conditions Among Men In our last post from our Essential Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology for Men, we talked…

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